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Helen Delich Bentley’s career has centered on the port that now carries her name. Find out more about this fascinating person and her connection to the maritime industry in Maryland and the nation.

All About the Port

For over 300 years, the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore has been one of the busiest places of trade and commerce in Maryland.  Its six public and 30 private terminals had another record year in 2006, handling over 30.6 million tons of cargo, valued at $36.7 billion.

The effects of the work at the Port ripple through Maryland, the region, and the nation.

Find out more about the important work of this transportation system.


The Port of Baltimore has both private and public port terminals situated along 45 miles of shoreline and 3403.25 acres of waterfront land.

The depth of the main channel leading into the Port of Baltimore is 50 feet. It is one of only two east coast ports that have this deep a channel.

Approximately 2,300 ships visit the Port of Baltimore annually.

There are 94 covered and open overseas piers at the Port that can handle loading and discharging 173 ships at a time. There are 84 general cargo, 65 specialized cargo, and 24 public bulk cargo berths.

The Port of Baltimore is known for efficiency and storage capacity.

From clothing to furniture to steel and electronics, the Port of Baltimore moves more than 40 million tons of bulk and container cargo.