Classroom Resources

While Working with PORT

As your students work with materials on the site, you may want to circulate quietly and observe their progress.  The activities are meant to be student-directed.  Anticipating that students will unlock information on their own has many benefits, especially when students know this kind of behavior is expected.

Tips and Techniques

  • Some of your students may find it helpful to have written transcripts of the career interviews.  We have included the transcripts here for you to give to those students.
  • You may want to direct your students to take brief notes on the section’s information and ideas, either for their use or for your use in evaluating their effort.
  • If questions arise, you may want to:
    • Bring them to the attention of the entire class,
    • Pair the questioner with a student who has demonstrated expertise in answering these kinds of questions previously, or
    • Talk privately with the student to determine the root of the misunderstanding and brainstorm possible solutions

If the questions are technical in nature, you may want to ask for advice from your school’s technology coordinator.