Office Manager

We're looking for people who:

are well-organized and enjoy helping others organize their work life.

What you will do:

You will oversee the planning and scheduling of support services within an organization, such as recordkeeping, mail, and appointments. Some specific tasks you will be asked to complete include:

  • Analyze internal processes such as the flow of responsibilities and recommend and implement changes to improve efficiencies
  • Coordinate schedules for all support staff, such as clerks and receptionists
  • Hire, train, and terminate clerical and administrative support personnel
  • Oversee repair and construction processes
  • Schedule routine maintenance for office equipment and verify that repairs are scheduled and completed
  • Plan and administer budgets for contracts, equipment, and office supplies

Knowledge required for this job:

  • Understanding of procedures and systems that influence office flows, such as word processing, filing, forms, etc.
  • Understanding short- and long-term goals for an office team and helping them meet these objectives
  • Basic understanding of computer networks and computer solutions; familiarity with computer software used in office operations
  • Uniting office members to improve team structure and meet quality standards
  • Effective oral and written communication

Skills required for this job:

  • An awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of other team members and how team members interact
  • Good time management skills, both personally and for the office staff
  • A knack for seeking and finding ways to help people and planning for their success

What education you need:

Many office managers' positions require some college or a bachelor's degree. Most people (89.3%) ages 25-44 who currently hold this kind of job have some college experience or a bachelor's degree.


Nationally, people working in this job earn between $16.81 and $56.54 an hour. In Maryland, the pay scale ranges from $18.73 - $51.85 an hour. (Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) 007)

Future job prospects

Nationally, all office managers' jobs are expected to grow from 268,400 positions in 2004 to 313,700 in 2014. (+17%) In Maryland, jobs are expected to increase from 7,810 in 2004 to 8,880 in 2014. (+14%)