Office Clerk

We're looking for people who:

are responsible and committed to helping support various office functions.

What you will do:

You will perform a variety of support functions, such as answering telephones, greeting clients, bookkeeping, word processing, filing, operating copiers and other office machinery, and substituting for other support personnel when they are absent. Some specific tasks you will be asked to complete include:

  • Oversee office cash accounts to fund various expenses (petty cash)
  • Transact office banking functions, such as making deposits
  • Make travel arrangements for office staff
  • Monitor, collect, and maintain organized files of office information, such as time sheets and absences
  • Open and sort company mail; answer letters and distribute mail to other office members as needed  
  • Schedule meetings, prepare agendas and schedule rooms, and take minutes of the meeting
  • Maintain an ongoing inventory of office supplies; take appropriate action when supplies run low
  • Answer certain correspondence and prepare outgoing mail

Knowledge required for this job:

  • Understanding standards and expectations for a high level of customer service, including relations with other office personnel
  • Complete understanding of administrative and clerical procedures and systems, such as handling email, filing, format for forms, and expectations in dealing with other office staff
  • How to communicate properly both speaking and writing, with a complete understanding of the grammar of formal language used in office communications
  • Knowledge of the basic mathematical principles underlying office accounting procedures

Skills required for this job:

  • An awareness of the needs and expectations of other people
  • The ability to schedule and manage office time
  • A knack for seeking and finding ways to help people
  • The ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing

What education you need:

The educational requirements for clerical positions vary. Almost two-fifths (38.5%) of people ages 25-44 who currently hold this kind of job have a high school diploma or lower. Another two-fifths (41.6%) have had some college experience, and 19.8% have a bachelor's degree.


Nationally, people working in this job earn between $7.14 and $18.08 an hour. In Maryland, the pay scale ranges from $7.63 - $20.25 an hour. (Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) 2007)

Future job prospects

Nationally, all clerical jobs are expected to grow from 3,137,800 positions in 2004 to 3,401,300 in 2014. (+8%) In Maryland, jobs are expected to increase from 63,180 in 2004 to 68,450 in 2014. (+8%)

According to the Maryland Commission on Higher Education, training for this career is available through these resources:

The Maryland Career Clusters help students prepare for their future education and careers while they are in high school. The job of Clerk is part of the Business Management and Finance Career Cluster, in the core area of Business Management services.

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