Insurance Agent

We're looking for people who:

are outgoing and enjoy helping clients protect their equipment and personnel against damage and loss.

What you will do:

Meet with clients to address their needs to insure their ships, cargo, dock facilities, equipment, or personnel against against damage and loss

Some specific tasks you will be asked to complete include:

  • Help clients analyze the protection they need and assemble an appropriate insurance package
  • Use industry data tables to calculate insurance costs for clients and establish payment method
  • Process claims for damage and loss, acting as a go-between for client and the insurance company
  • Cultivate new customers and maintain a high level of service for current customers

Knowledge required for this job:

  • Understanding the wants and needs of clients and meeting their expectations for quality personal service
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • How computers and software interact

Skills required for this job:

  • High level active listening skills, interacting with clients to address their concerns
  • Good salesmanship – knowing how to present, promote and sell a range of insurance products
  • The ability to work with complex written documents and explain them to clients in simple, concrete ways
  • Persuading others to change their minds or behavior

What education you need:

The education requirements for being an insurance agent are mixed. Usually, companies seek people who have had some experience in the field
41.6% of people ages 25-44 who currently hold this kind of job have a bachelor's degree or higher. However, 21.2% have a high school diploma or lower, and 32.7% have had some college courses.


Nationally, people working in this job earn between $11.82 and $55.33 an hour.
In Maryland, the pay scale ranges from $12.30 - $53.31 an hour. (Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) 2007)

Future job prospects

Nationally, all insurance agents' jobs are expected to grow from 399,700 positions in 2004 to 425,800 in 2014. (+7%)
In Maryland, jobs are expected to increase from 7,090 in 2004 to 7,370 in 2014. (+4%)

Watch a video that shows what a insurance sales agent does.